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Therapy Saddle Use Guidelines

For the protection of the rider as well as the horse, there are certain guidelines that should be followed to ensure a safe ride.

1. Protect the horse’s back with adequate padding that protects the horse’s wither as well as the horse’s kidney area.

2. To limit access pressure from “bouncing”, both the front and rear girth flanks should be equally tight.

3. The strap connecting both stirrups under the horses belly should be fastened prior to riding as this strap is designed to minimize the amount of leg kick delivered to the horse while riding.

4. Remove any wrinkles in your clothing, specifically in the rider’s pants where the rider’s rear Therapy Saddle in use.meets the saddle seat, in order to prevent “pinching”.

5. In order to ensure a secure fit, the rider should push on the saddle horn so that their back is firmly against the cantle. As this occurs a helper should tighten the belly band, which is most effective when standing behind the horse, pulling the belly band until tight, and then holding tension on the belly band as it’s walked around the front of the rider and securely fastened.

6. As a safety precaution it is recommended that rubber bands are placed around the rider’s feel while they are placed in the stirrups in order to keep their feet from slipping out and risking injury.

7. A breast collar should be used at all times so as to keep the saddle from riding too far on the horse’s back.

No matter how well designed or secure the rider may feel in a Randy Bird Therapy Saddle, there are limitations not only on the saddles but on the horses chosen to carry the rider. The saddle should never be used when breaking or training horses. In addition, the rider should always choose a horse with a disposition that they are not only comfortable with, but familiar with as well. It is important to remember that accidents can happen to even the most experienced riders on the most trusted animal, so be cognizant that the rider is secured to the horse with a belly band. It is essential that the rider not take any unnecessary risks in order to ensure a unique and enjoyable experience on a Randy Bird Therapy Saddle.



Bird Saddles and Ranch

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