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Bird Saddles offer a wide variety of handmade custom saddles, including ranch saddles, trophy saddles and the Randy Bird Therapy Saddle.

The Randy Bird Therapy Saddle was developed while keeping the rider, and their safety, at the Therapy Saddleforefront of design. Just a few of the benefits to the rider when using the Randy Bird Therapy Saddle include:

  • The patient receives maximum physical therapy to the lower extremities, via Hipotherapy, while also receiving therapy to the upper extremities
  • Hipotherapy, which is one of the most preferred methods of physical therapy, has proven through research that the patients balance equalize while also forcing blood up through the spinal cord in much the same way as walking
  • Mental motivation is also a key role in physical therapy, and Hipotherapy via horseback helps encourage a positive attitude that enables the patient (rider) to look beyond his or her handicap
  • And of course, let’s not forget the simple pleasure of riding horseback without required assistance


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Bird Saddles and Ranch

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